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False Arrest and Police Brutality Archives

What constitutes false arrest?

Many people hear the term false arrest and immediately assume that the police can't be accused of this crime. They think that someone who commits a false arrest is an everyday citizen who locks someone in a room against their will, or literally arrests them with their own set of handcuffs. However, police can be guilty of false arrest, or false imprisonment, just like anyone else.

Officer punches suspect, doesn't provide medical assistance

The Houston Police Department has been sued after an incident involving a suspect and a police officer left the suspect with a badly-injured face. There are many questions people have about how the police handled the situation.

Multiple allegations of excessive force against Trenton police

Two different lawsuits have been filed against the Trenton Police Department for excessive force. One of the lawsuits alleges that a man was accosted by a police officer in a deli even though the individual had not engaged in any illegal activity. The man was tackled and assaulted by the police officer, and after breaking free, the officer found it wise to pull out his firearm and shoot at the individual. The person filing the lawsuit was not struck by any bullets. Eventually he was tackled again and suffered injuries from the police officers that tackled him.

Overzealous and corrupt officers are out there

The police wield an awesome power. They have the ability to enforce the law and legally infringe upon your rights if they have probable cause or a warrant. Of course, they also are strictly forbidden from infringing upon your rights if they don't have the legal authority or backing to do so. This balance is critical: it is what separates a free society from a police state.

Lawsuit settled in police brutality case

A lawsuit has been settled in the case of a man who was arrested and then beaten by a police officer even though there is no evidence that the arrested man was resisting the arrest. The case didn't happen here in New York, but it is emblematic of a problem that could occur anywhere in the country: some police officers simply show no compassion for anyone in their line of work, and physically abuse people who they pull over or arrest.

Police misconduct takes many forms

Police misconduct is a broad term for a number of illegal, unprofessional and extremely galling behaviors and actions made by the police. People who are targeted by or subjected to police misconduct, they can suffer serious injuries, deal with extensive and unwarranted criminal charges and live with the physical and emotional distress that all of this causes. Police misconduct is unacceptable and the victims of such abuse need to hold the police responsible for this type of behavior. 

Settlement reached in Berkeley police brutality case

While the following story didn't occur here in Brooklyn or even the city or state of New York, it contains an important lesson about police brutality and holding law enforcement responsible when they run afoul of their principles, guidelines and laws.

On search and seizures, consent and privacy

While the following post may not explicitly deal with false arrest or police brutality, the topic is central to your rights as a individual in the United States. Today, we are going to talk about search and seizure, and how the police can perform a legal -- or illegal -- search and seizure.

Police brutality in Brooklyn from a lawyer's perspective

These days, you do not have to look far to hear about police misconduct. Media reports about false arrests and police brutality abound in all areas of the nation. New York is no exception and has had its share of reports detailing police misconduct. There is little doubt that some of these reports are not true. However, you should never forget that many of the reports are entirely accurate.

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