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Premises Liability Archives

Sidewalk accidents can deal life-changing injuries

Walking along the sidewalk is one of the simplest acts, and it is something we take for granted. In fact, no one really even thinks about safely walking along a sidewalk anymore. It is just part of life. But not every sidewalk is safe, and as such, some people suffer terrible injuries when they are just going about their life. Unsafe sidewalks can cause the lives of innocent people to change forever.

Businesses should be adamant about protecting their customers

Stop us if you've heard this one before, but a business seemingly failed to keep its premises in a safe condition, and as a result someone was injured. If we sound like a broken record, its because these events happen all the time, and you would think at some point that businesses and property owners would learn that they must uphold their responsibilities and keep their patrons, guests or tenants safe.

Case evaluation critical with premises liability

There are many landlords out there that have the best intentions and then act on those best intentions. They are attentive and smart, and they take care of their buildings and tenants. But there are also plenty of landlords out there that aren't as attentive. They don't mean well. And their buildings show it. As a result, tenants can suffer because these negligent landlords fail to make necessary safety improvements or don't fix problems that are apparent and clear.

New York and scaffold injuries: the law is on the worker's side

New York is a bustling city that is endlessly under construction. Construction workers in any setting perform a dangerous job, but it is especially dangerous in New York given the tremendous heights of many of our buildings and the compact nature of the city. As a result, construction accidents and construction litigation is a major part of completing building projects in the city.

Building owners, property managers can be negligent

The world around us would ideally be in perfect shape, with no dangerous conditions to put us at risk of injury. But we don't live in a perfect world. The world around us is, sadly, imperfect and with that comes negligence, dilapidation and potentially serious risks to innocent people. Premises liability is a legal area that gets at the heart of this idea; and when people are hurt by a building owner's negligence or a dangerous condition that property managers should have been aware of, it is imperative for anyone victimized by these things to consider their legal options.

Recognizing construction site hazards

As a new construction worker, you may not be as familiar with all the hazards of your new job as your more experienced colleagues. As you have seen on new reports, construction zones are dangerous places. Due to the high level of danger, your employer has safety measure in place to adhere to federal and state regulations.

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