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Trip-and-Fall Accidents Archives

Mall of America site of ridiculous slip and fall incident

As we have talked about before, many restaurants and establishments fail to adequately address spills and liquids on the ground in a timely manner. As a result of this negligence, innocent people can suffer life-altering injuries. You do not need to look any further than the Mall of America. A story that dates back to 2010 is coming to light now as three people suffered slip and falls to the same spill area in less than nine minutes.

Woman slips and falls at Wal-Mart, files lawsuit

Wal-Mart is being sued by a woman who says she slipped and fell in one of their stores. The details are a bit vague in the incident, but the woman says she was in a Wal-Mart store and a substance on the ground caused her to slip and fall. The fall caused her injuries, but they were not explained or detailed in the source article. The lawsuit alleges that Wal-Mart failed to put up the appropriate signage that would warn patrons of a dangerous condition or a slippery surface.

City settles with woman who tripped and fell on sidewalk

In our last post, we talked about sidewalk accidents and the life-changing effects they can have on people. In that post, we detailed the injuries that can be suffered and why it is important to hold those who are responsible for the sidewalk liable for the defect in the sidewalk. Today, we have a real world example of this.

Woman breaks ankle on university grounds, loses financial aid

A woman who used to attend Florida A&M University is suing the school after she broke her ankle while walking back to her dormitory. The fall happened on a pathway that was uneven and maintained by the school. A more direct route to her dorm was blocked off by a locked gate.

Settled slip-and-fall lawsuit helps victim move on

The following story didn't happen here in New York, but it does raise an important matter in regards to premises liability lawsuits. In 2013, a man fell on the sidewalk and suffered "severe, painful and permanent" injuries, according to a lawsuit he would later file. He fell on the sidewalk in front of a business, and the man sued the city and the business. He won $147,000 from the management company of the business and another $10,000 in a settlement with the city, with the city council recently approving the payment.

Bullseye: Target held responsible for slip-and-fall incident

A woman successfully sued Target to the tune of $2.1 million recently after she slipped and fell in an aisle that had just been cleaned by Target employees. That is a simplified version of the story, though. The details show the complications that can arise after a slip and fall incident.

Grocery stores need to clean up spills quickly

Grocery stores and supermarkets are the settings of many slip and fall accidents. Why is this? Since grocery stores carry a lot of products that span from powdered goods, to liquids, to pastes and jellies, to syrups and slippery cleaners, it means there are a lot of substances that can accidentally be spilled on to the ground. This could happen as the result of a sloppy shopper or because of a negligent employee.

Lack of snow removal puts city at risk in slip-and-fall lawsuit

In January of last year, a woman was in the city of Stanford, Kentucky during a snowstorm. About three inches of snow fell during the storm, and as she walked toward the courthouse in the city, she came upon a "deceptively safe" patch of sidewalk. She slipped and fell on this sidewalk and suffered "serious personal injury," though those injuries were not explained in the source article.

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