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Brooklyn motorcyclists: This advice could save your life

Motorcyclists operating their bikes in and around Brooklyn need to be very careful about their surroundings. Bikers just aren't equipped with the same kind of protection that automobile drivers automatically have. Indeed, the slightest misstep -- or not paying close attention to the other vehicles on the road -- could spell disaster for any motorcyclist in a heartbeat.

Motorcyclists need to be particularly cautious at any intersection. The vast majority of motorcycle accidents, fatalities and injuries happen at intersections. That is because there are numerous cars, moving in different directions and crossing traffic -- and these cars do not always see less visible motorcyclists. Cars often pull out in front of motorcyclists in a moments' notice because they don't see the bike -- which may have been hidden from view behind another car or roadway obstacle. If bikers remember to stay extremely alert, and ready to take evasive action -- even slow down if necessary -- when entering an intersection, this could prevent a fatal injury from happening.

Motorcyclists should also be extra careful about "panic stops." This happens when a vehicle stops suddenly in front of a motorcyclist. With so many drivers distracted by their cell phones, panic stops that happen when they suddenly look up and see a stopped car in front of them are more common these days. Motorcyclists need to be careful about panic stopping themselves in response to a suddenly stopping vehicle in front of them. If the motorcyclist applies too much brake pressure too fast, it could cause him or her to be thrown from the bike and injured.

If an injurious accident does happen, and it's another driver's fault, Brooklyn motorcyclists may want to consult with a personal injury attorney to see if they have a viable claim for financial damages in court. Such a claim could be very important in helping an injured motorcyclist obtain financial compensation for his or her injuries.

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