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January 2017 Archives

Settlement reached in Berkeley police brutality case

While the following story didn't occur here in Brooklyn or even the city or state of New York, it contains an important lesson about police brutality and holding law enforcement responsible when they run afoul of their principles, guidelines and laws.

On search and seizures, consent and privacy

While the following post may not explicitly deal with false arrest or police brutality, the topic is central to your rights as a individual in the United States. Today, we are going to talk about search and seizure, and how the police can perform a legal -- or illegal -- search and seizure.

Teen in viral 'pool party takedown' video sues police department

Among the more memorable videos documenting police misconduct over the past two years was the June 2015 cellphone video of a pool party in McKinney, Texas, an affluent Dallas suburb. It’s hard to forget the part where a police officer, fresh on the scene, performs a dramatic somersault-like maneuver in apparent imitation of his big screen heroes.

Slip-and-fall prevention system developed

A company called Argo has developed a new technological system that will help companies track, address and limit dangerous conditions on their premises, thereby reducing the number of slip-and-fall incidents that occur. The system will be especially helpful for supermarkets, restaurants and convenience stores that want their customers to be safe.

Trip and fall on Brooklyn escalator takes down around 40 shoppers

It was the Tuesday before Christmas, and the Atlantic Terminal mall in Brooklyn was full of busy, frantic shoppers. Holiday cheer was thin on the ground, however, when one shopper tripped on a busy escalator and pulled about 40 other people down, too.

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