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Business professionals and indoor slip-and-fall accidents

As a business professional, you may find yourself spending a lot of time visiting clients, prospects, and other colleagues.

Since your mind is on the task at hand, it's often difficult to pay attention to everything that is going on around you. Unfortunately, this could mean that you're involved in an indoor slip-and-fall accident.

Depending on the circumstances, this type of accident can cause serious injury. For example, falling to the ground could result in a serious fracture or back injury. Along with this, it's possible that you could hit your head, thus suffering a concussion or some other type of brain injury.

With all this in mind, it's important to become familiar with the most common conditions that cause an indoor slip-and-fall accident. This information will not guarantee that you avoid trouble, but it can definitely help.

  • Floors that are littered with debris or slippery from a spill that was not cleaned up in a timely manner.
  • Failure to provide warnings that floors are slippery such as after they are cleaned.
  • Failure to use barriers to close off areas that are known to be dangerous such as those that are being repaired.
  • Applying too much wax or polish or doing so in an uneven manner.
  • Applying a floor treatment to stairs or an incline, thus increasing the likelihood of a fall.
  • Carpet that is worn, torn or curling at the edges.
  • Items that stick up through carpet, thus acting as a trip hazard.
  • A stairway that is missing one or more steps.
  • Stairway railings that are missing or loose.

Along with the above, elevators and escalators also pose a slip-and-fall risk. For example, if the machinery jerks when entering or exiting, it could cause you to lose your balance.

Since there are so many conditions that can cause an indoor slip-and-fall accident, it's impossible to watch for everything.

As a business professional, you hope to focus on your job, not what's happening on the floor in front of you.

If you find yourself injured in this type of accident, do two things:

  1. Receive immediate medical treatment.
  2. Make note of what happened, while also taking pictures and collecting witness information if possible.

This approach may help you in the future when attempting to receive compensation for your injuries and other damages.

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