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March 2017 Archives

Bullseye: Target held responsible for slip-and-fall incident

A woman successfully sued Target to the tune of $2.1 million recently after she slipped and fell in an aisle that had just been cleaned by Target employees. That is a simplified version of the story, though. The details show the complications that can arise after a slip and fall incident.

Building owners, property managers can be negligent

The world around us would ideally be in perfect shape, with no dangerous conditions to put us at risk of injury. But we don't live in a perfect world. The world around us is, sadly, imperfect and with that comes negligence, dilapidation and potentially serious risks to innocent people. Premises liability is a legal area that gets at the heart of this idea; and when people are hurt by a building owner's negligence or a dangerous condition that property managers should have been aware of, it is imperative for anyone victimized by these things to consider their legal options.

Lawsuit settled in police brutality case

A lawsuit has been settled in the case of a man who was arrested and then beaten by a police officer even though there is no evidence that the arrested man was resisting the arrest. The case didn't happen here in New York, but it is emblematic of a problem that could occur anywhere in the country: some police officers simply show no compassion for anyone in their line of work, and physically abuse people who they pull over or arrest.

Recognizing construction site hazards

As a new construction worker, you may not be as familiar with all the hazards of your new job as your more experienced colleagues. As you have seen on new reports, construction zones are dangerous places. Due to the high level of danger, your employer has safety measure in place to adhere to federal and state regulations.

Police misconduct takes many forms

Police misconduct is a broad term for a number of illegal, unprofessional and extremely galling behaviors and actions made by the police. People who are targeted by or subjected to police misconduct, they can suffer serious injuries, deal with extensive and unwarranted criminal charges and live with the physical and emotional distress that all of this causes. Police misconduct is unacceptable and the victims of such abuse need to hold the police responsible for this type of behavior. 

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