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April 2017 Archives

Case evaluation critical with premises liability

There are many landlords out there that have the best intentions and then act on those best intentions. They are attentive and smart, and they take care of their buildings and tenants. But there are also plenty of landlords out there that aren't as attentive. They don't mean well. And their buildings show it. As a result, tenants can suffer because these negligent landlords fail to make necessary safety improvements or don't fix problems that are apparent and clear.

Settled slip-and-fall lawsuit helps victim move on

The following story didn't happen here in New York, but it does raise an important matter in regards to premises liability lawsuits. In 2013, a man fell on the sidewalk and suffered "severe, painful and permanent" injuries, according to a lawsuit he would later file. He fell on the sidewalk in front of a business, and the man sued the city and the business. He won $147,000 from the management company of the business and another $10,000 in a settlement with the city, with the city council recently approving the payment.

Overzealous and corrupt officers are out there

The police wield an awesome power. They have the ability to enforce the law and legally infringe upon your rights if they have probable cause or a warrant. Of course, they also are strictly forbidden from infringing upon your rights if they don't have the legal authority or backing to do so. This balance is critical: it is what separates a free society from a police state.

New York and scaffold injuries: the law is on the worker's side

New York is a bustling city that is endlessly under construction. Construction workers in any setting perform a dangerous job, but it is especially dangerous in New York given the tremendous heights of many of our buildings and the compact nature of the city. As a result, construction accidents and construction litigation is a major part of completing building projects in the city.

Serious construction accidents far too common in New York

If you or someone you love works in construction, it can be a daily source of anxiety. In the last few years, New York has seen a staggering number of construction site accidents, some of which have been fatal. Workers lacking training and proper safety equipment may be at increased risk.

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