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May 2017 Archives

Woman breaks ankle on university grounds, loses financial aid

A woman who used to attend Florida A&M University is suing the school after she broke her ankle while walking back to her dormitory. The fall happened on a pathway that was uneven and maintained by the school. A more direct route to her dorm was blocked off by a locked gate.

Multiple allegations of excessive force against Trenton police

Two different lawsuits have been filed against the Trenton Police Department for excessive force. One of the lawsuits alleges that a man was accosted by a police officer in a deli even though the individual had not engaged in any illegal activity. The man was tackled and assaulted by the police officer, and after breaking free, the officer found it wise to pull out his firearm and shoot at the individual. The person filing the lawsuit was not struck by any bullets. Eventually he was tackled again and suffered injuries from the police officers that tackled him.

Businesses should be adamant about protecting their customers

Stop us if you've heard this one before, but a business seemingly failed to keep its premises in a safe condition, and as a result someone was injured. If we sound like a broken record, its because these events happen all the time, and you would think at some point that businesses and property owners would learn that they must uphold their responsibilities and keep their patrons, guests or tenants safe.

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