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Race and religion may factor into police brutality

You'd like to believe that law enforcement officers want to serve and protect their communities. For some who wear the badge, this is true. Unfortunately, others who become police officers do so for the power and the boost to their ego.

Sometimes, these individuals also have powerful internal biases against people of other races or religions. While the law enforcement entrance process often includes psychological testing and even lie detector (polygraph) tests, sociopaths and narcissists are often able to lie without a machine or professional detecting what is happening. The application process is flawed.

Many times, racism and other biases held by officers do not much impact their job performance. They may pull over more people of color or treat certain groups with more respect, but overall it remains a minor issue. Other times, the involvement of mental illness or other issues can cause those prejudices to result in brutality, false arrest or even unnecessary police shootings.

Statistics indicate that minorities are at increased risk

Intensive studies looking at overall trends in law enforcement make it clear that people of color, excluding Asians, are subject to higher overall rates of getting stopped or arrested by law enforcement. Many times, this is a result of police bias or the practice of profiling. Non-Hispanic whites and Asians are less likely to get arrested or stopped by law enforcement. Unfortunately, 1 in 291 police stops result in the injury or death of a person involved or a bystander. When law enforcement officers injure someone, it can be hard to hold them accountable. Working with an attorney can help.

Many times, arresting officers will claim that the individual who got hurt was resisting arrest or that they feared for their life when they used excessive force. Thanks to the rise in cellphone video, your attorney might prove in court that the officer was not adhering to best practices during a stop or arrest. While officers often have cameras in their vehicles or on their body armor, many times these cameras mysteriously stop working immediately before an encounter that turns violent. Citizens filming are often the best form of accountability for law enforcement officials.

An attorney can help you after a violent encounter with law enforcement

Whatever the criminal charges you're facing, if law enforcement abused, assaulted or otherwise mistreated you, you need the help of an experienced attorney. Your lawyer can help mount a defense against any charges and push for an investigation into the behavior of the officers involved. Working with an attorney is the best way to protect your rights and your freedom after a stop by law enforcement turns violent.

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