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False arrests can happen to anyone, even entrepreneurs

If you use social media or watch any of the more popular network cooking shows, you're probably aware of subscription meal services. These companies send boxes of food and recipes to people, tailored to their family size, dietary restrictions and other preferences. There are several well-known subscription meal services, one of which is Blue Apron. Forbes values the company at roughly $2 billion. That financial success didn't protect one of the owners from facing police brutality and false arrest in 2014. It does mean, however, that this case of false arrest is being followed by the media.

Many times, complaints of false arrest get greeted with suspicion. People wonder why the person claiming false arrest didn't simply comply with law enforcement requests or wait patiently for everything to clear up. This case may highlight how law enforcement officials can and do use their authority for egotistical, unnecessary reasons. Simply questioning a law enforcement agent can sometimes result in charges of resisting arrest if an officer feels disrespected. When that happens, it is important that victims speak up and push back against these practices.

Blue Apron founder arrested for questioning police

One of the co-founders of Blue Apron is currently suing New York City for false arrest. The lawsuit stems from an altercation with law enforcement in April of 2014. He arrived at his Manhattan area pilates studio on April 9, 2014, to discover police everywhere.

Instead of explaining why they were there, the police allegedly responded to the young man in a "vulgar, combative and unprofessional manner," which quickly escalated. The entrepreneur reports being sworn at and later having his head slammed against a wall and then a police cruiser. He sustained head injuries and was later released.

Although no one explained it to him at the time, police were in his studio investigating a report of burglary. When he refused to simply leave and kept asking questions, officers on the scene allegedly became angry, calling him "tough guy" and getting physical when he threatened to file a complaint.

The charges against the entrepreneur have been dropped and sealed, but his attorney believes that the charges were nothing more than resisting arrest. According to the lawsuit, law enforcement allegedly intentionally violated his civil rights because he wasn't being deferential enough.

False arrest is a serious civil rights issue

Only time will tell what the legal outcome of this case will be. This civil suit could very well get settled before going to trial, as it could cause image problems for the New York Police Department. It is possible, but unlikely, that it will go to trial. Given that the entrepreneur was not charged, the city could have an uphill battle in proving this arrest was justified. It's important for those who have gotten mistreated by law enforcement or had their rights violated to speak up and fight.

Working with an experienced attorney who understands false arrest and police brutality can improve the chances of a positive outcome to these kinds of cases. The only way to reduce police misconduct is to hold those who misbehave in uniform legally accountable for those actions.

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