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Are drunk driving fatalities common in New York?

Laws across the country consider a person who has a blood alcohol concentration of .08 percent or higher to be legally drunk. Fatal accidents that are caused by drunk drivers are all accidents that could be prevented if the drunk driver didn't choose to get behind the wheel of the motor vehicle. While the fact that New York's death rate for fatal drunk driving accidents is lower than the national death rate, that isn't going to bring much comfort to people who have had to deal with a loved one being killed by a drunk driver.

Childhood deaths from car accidents are too common

All motor vehicle accidents are serious, but when one of the occupants of an involved vehicle is a child, the seriousness is increased. Sadly, car accidents are a leading cause of childhood deaths. Using car seats and booster seats properly can help to keep children safe during an accident.

Brooklyn motorcyclists: This advice could save your life

Motorcyclists operating their bikes in and around Brooklyn need to be very careful about their surroundings. Bikers just aren't equipped with the same kind of protection that automobile drivers automatically have. Indeed, the slightest misstep -- or not paying close attention to the other vehicles on the road -- could spell disaster for any motorcyclist in a heartbeat.

Woman almost loses her arm in food cart crash

A woman almost lost her arm after a yellow cab smashed into a halal food cart in the Upper West Side. According to witnesses, a black Honda sedan hit the yellow cab, on Monday, sending it hurtling up over the curb and onto the sidewalk on Broadway. The cabbie then collided with the food cart.

NYC pedestrians face danger and peril every day

According to the nonprofit Transportation Alternatives, every year more than 15,000 bicyclists and pedestrians are injured in traffic accidents involving motor vehicles. As one can imagine, injuries suffered in these types of accidents tend to be serious in nature and often result in victims suffering permanent disabilities or succumbing to fatal injuries.

City officials attribute 12 percent decrease in traffic deaths to Vision Zero

According to New York City traffic accident records, somewhere in the city roughly every two hours, a pedestrian is injured or killed. From speeding vehicles that blow through traffic lights to drivers who fail to yield the right-of-way to pedestrians who are attempting to cross the street, it's dangerous to be a pedestrian in New York City.

Why aggressive drivers are so dangerous

When driving in New York City, being timid or indecisive can be a serious handicap. In fact, when it comes to navigating rush-hour traffic, New York City drivers are known for being bold and aggressive. There are, however, times when certain driving behaviors that are readily associated with aggressive driving can pose serious safety dangers to other drivers, passengers, bicyclists and pedestrians.

Can I recover compensation for car accident injuries even if I was partially at fault?

Most New York City residents likely know that it’s possible to recover compensation related to injuries suffered in a car accident. Many, however, may not be aware of the actual laws related to fault and how determinations about fault can impact the amount of compensation an individual may be awarded.

Painful and slow to heal, whiplash injuries frequently suffered in car accidents

Injuries to the neck and spine are among the most difficult to treat and slow to heal of all physical injuries. They are also extremely common injuries that are frequently suffered by individuals who are involved in motor vehicle accidents. For individuals who are personally or who have a loved one dealing with a neck or back injury after a car accident, it's important to understand how such injuries occur and why they are so slow to heal.

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