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Some progress seen with New York's Vision Zero plan

Residents in New York City certainly have much to be proud of. Their city is nationally recognized for many reasons and now the effort to not only reduce but to eliminate vehicular deaths on city streets might just be another feather in the big apple's cap. It was five years ago that the Mayor launched what is called Vision Zero, a plan designed to eradicate all deaths in motor vehicle accidents in New York City by the year 2024.

Drunk driver kills designated driver

People in New York should be well aware of the dangers associated with driving a motor vehicle after consuming alcohol or using drugs. So many awareness campaigns have been initiated over the years and there are always additional warnings about this behavior during the holiday season. Unfortunately, some people simply refuse to pay attention to the facts and instead focus on whatever they want to do even if that means drinking and driving. For this reason, there continue to be innocent people injured or killed completely unnecessarily.

Holiday DUI realities

People who live in New York have for many decades now been witness to numerous public awareness and education campaigns about the dangers associated with driving a motor vehicle after consuming alcohol. While there is a defined blood alcohol content of 0.08 percent that determines whether or not a person is considered legally intoxicated, the reality is that a person's ability to drive safely may be inhibited even with a BAC below that threshold.

What is negligent entrustment?

A car accident in Brooklyn can result in you having to deal with a mountain of unanticipated expenses. The prospects of being able to successfully manage such costs may seem to go down if the driver that hit you reveals that they were not using their own vehicle. Oftentimes, when one is not in their own car, it signifies that they may lack the purchasing power to buy one. If that is the case, the chances of you recovering any compensation from them may be slim. The next inevitable question then is whether you can hold the vehicle's owner liable? 

New York sees drop in vehicular fatalities

If you are like many people in New York, you have at times been very concerned about the number of people killed in automobile accidents, especially when these accidents could easily have been avoided if another driver had made a more responsible choice. Good examples include crashes caused by drugged or drunk drivers, wrecks that happen when a driver is distracted by a phone or other device and even those that occur when a driver maneuvers their vehicle in a reckless fashion.

The trends related to motor vehicle accident fatalities

Back in 1900 when there were only 76 million people in the United States, there were 36 deaths related to motor vehicle accidents. Of course, there were barely any vehicles out on the roads back then anyway -- but it is an amazing statistic that shows just how far we have come in more than a century.

Are drunk driving fatalities common in New York?

Laws across the country consider a person who has a blood alcohol concentration of .08 percent or higher to be legally drunk. Fatal accidents that are caused by drunk drivers are all accidents that could be prevented if the drunk driver didn't choose to get behind the wheel of the motor vehicle. While the fact that New York's death rate for fatal drunk driving accidents is lower than the national death rate, that isn't going to bring much comfort to people who have had to deal with a loved one being killed by a drunk driver.

Brooklyn motorcyclists: This advice could save your life

Motorcyclists operating their bikes in and around Brooklyn need to be very careful about their surroundings. Bikers just aren't equipped with the same kind of protection that automobile drivers automatically have. Indeed, the slightest misstep -- or not paying close attention to the other vehicles on the road -- could spell disaster for any motorcyclist in a heartbeat.

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