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false arrest and police brutality Archives

Call for federal oversight of law enforcement

People who live in New York should be able to trust that their local police officers are looking out for the best interests of citizens and their communities. While this may be true in most situations, there can also be times when law enforcement officers go too far in their efforts to control people or enforce the law. Some officers may even blatantly abuse their position and treat people unfairly and cruelly. 

How can I protect myself when stopped by law enforcement?

If you are stopped by law enforcement in New York, do you know your rights? Do you know what to do to avoid being arrested or ending up in a bad situation? It is imperative that you understand what you must do and what to avoid, so the situation does not escalate. You have many rights under the constitution, but sometimes how you handle your rights can have a big effect on the situation.

The truth about police brutality

No matter how one looks at it, the topic of police brutality is among one of America's most crucial. As incident after incident proves that the nation has long struggled with an imbalance in its justice system, countless innocent lives in New York are lost -- whether placed behind bars, harmed or even killed at the hands of an officer. The nation may still be grappling with this widespread issue, but what are some of the possible solutions raised so far? 

Fighting america's police brutality problem

Police brutality is one of the most debated topics in America today, but also one that many are hesitant to discuss. Those who have been a victim of violence at the hands of law enforcement can feel overwhelmed at the legal steps involved, and some are apprehensive about reporting the incident altogether. The following discusses the current outlook of this issue in New York and across the country as a whole.

False Arrest and Police Brutality Tight Handcuffs Excessive Force

Within the realm of false arrest and police brutality, allegations involving the use of tight handcuffs by police officers, whether the use of handcuffs is reasonable and, thus, not actionable or excessive force, hinges on whether 1) the handcuffs were unreasonably tight; 2) the defendants ignored the plaintiff's pleas that the handcuffs were too tight; and 3) the degree of injury to the wrists, if any.

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