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What can you do to protect customers in a retail establishment?

You take pride in the thriving retail establishment that you own in New York and you recognize that your customers play an integral role in keeping your business functioning the way you want it to. Part of developing loyal customers is giving them an experience that is superior to the one they could expect to receive at your competitors. When they come to your store, their experience should be safe, helpful and efficient. 

Common challenges in slip and fall cases

Whether it is a shopping day on the town or a weeknight spent running errands, New Yorkers rarely stop to think about the topic of slip and fall accidents. Yet when such an incident occurs, the shopping list is suddenly the least of one's worries. Depending on the severity of the accident, victims may have a long road ahead of them in terms of recovery, dealing with medical costs and navigating potential legal aspects. The following information takes a look at slip and fall incidents, as well as the possible hurdles that victims can face in the processes that follow an injury. 

Spotlighting the severity of ground-level falls

It may be easy for many in Brooklyn to dismiss those who seek civil action following a slip-and-fall accident as people simply looking for a quick cash grab. This line of thinking no doubt comes from the assumption that ground-level falls cannot produce significant injuries. Most have likely experienced a moment where a false step caused them to lose their balance and fall. Often, one simply uses his or her hands or arms to absorb the impact and is able to walk away with nothing more than wounded pride. Yet depending on the circumstances contributing to them as well as the demographic profile of those who suffer them, falls can easily produce devastating results. 

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