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Rules to prevent fatigue among truckers

New York residents understand that truckers who spend many long and often lonely hours behind the wheel can naturally become tired. The fatigue that sets in may be a contributor to crashes as drivers are unable to make their best decisions or react as quickly as they might if they were fresher and more awake. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration acknowledges this risk and has therefore developed a set of rules governing the working and rest hours for commercial drivers.

The rise of self-driving cars

A new study published by IHS Automotive says that 20 million self-driving vehicles could be on roadways around the world by the year 2035. This number is particularly larger than previous predictions by IHS Automotive in the past. By 2025, it is believed that 600,000 self-driving vehicles will be sold.

Why a restful night's sleep is elusive for so many commercial truck drivers

It's a biological fact, getting enough sleep is essential to normal and healthy cognitive and physical functioning. Anyone who has ever suffered the occasional sleepless night can likely recall the feelings of grogginess and irritability that followed the next day. Despite the importance of sleep, many U.S. adults report that they don't get enough sleep. For some, a lack of sleep may be by choice. For others, however, failing to get enough or restful sleep may be caused by the sleep disorder known as sleep apnea.

FMCSA proposes new rule to increase volume and weight of truck inspections

On a daily basis, there are thousands of commercial trucks traveling the highways and streets in and around New York City. While the vast majority of licensed commercial truck drivers are responsible and experienced, there are some drivers and employers within the trucking industry who, when it comes to safety, routinely cut corners.

Truck driver in accident that killed James McNair indicted on criminal charges

In June of 2014, a limousine van carrying several well-known comedians was traveling along the New Jersey Turnpike when traffic slowed up ahead. As the driver of the van adjusted his speed accordingly, from behind, a huge tractor trailer truck came barreling down the highway.

How a truck driver's health, may negatively impact safety

For a truck driver, the daily challenges associated with one's occupation are often numerous and significant. Dealing with inclement weather, navigating through road construction sites and maneuvering safely through heavy rush-hour traffic are just a few of the hazards with which truck drivers must contend day in and out.

How effective is the city's school zone speed camera program?

As New York City school children return to classes this week, many will walk to and from school. The streets near primary and secondary schools are often teaming with kids who are biking and walking, many of whom are distracted and more focused on the conversation they're having with friends or their cellphones than the motor vehicles around them.

FMCSA working to make sure truck drivers are properly trained

When teenagers reach the seemingly magic age at which they are allowed to sit for their driver’s license test, the milestone can seem overwhelming for novice drivers and their parents alike. Certainly, it is convenient that teens can now drive themselves to their myriad of educational and social activities. However, it can also be frightening both for teens and their parents that these relatively inexperienced drivers are now allowed to operate potentially deadly machinery.

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